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Introduction to School

USEABC Education/International Chinese School is a global Internet education company. There are a number of oversea branches in Vancouver, Toronto and Yokohama. There are Afterschool, summer/winter/spring camp, weekend class and PA/PD Day program in Toronto Branch. The courses include Chinese, Math, Abacus, Public Speaking, Handcraf, Robot, Science, Creative Picture Book and kids Vocal Music. Based on years of experience in Internet education technology and international school operations management, the Chinese language education for overseas Chinese and their children is used as the cornerstone to build a wider Chinese learning platform for overseas Chinese enthusiasts.


Aged 4-12, Chinese Language Course

Synchronize the content of Chinese language teaching in the same age group in China, and edit the international Chinese textbook for young people in accordance with international general teaching standards.

Aged 4-12 Summer/Spring/Winter Camp


Field trip, math, Chinese, science, handcraft, English, French, vocal music, creative painting, 3D design, robot, professional school bus, air conditioning.


Aged 4-12 Afterschool


Science, hand crafts, math, Chinese, English, French, creative painting, accompanying children's learning and growth.


Aged 4-8 Full Brain Development

Cultivate and enhance children's logical thinking ability, attention, memory, imagination, imitation, perception, understanding, judgment, creativity, willpower and other learning abilities
---Tailored to meet the needs of overseas Chinese study needs---
Aged 7-12, Funny Math Competetion Kangroo
Aged 4-15,1 course/week, testing level for free
7.Weekend Nusery
Aged 4-12, can be enrolled monthly
3. Funny Math
Aged 3-5, Chinese, Yoga and LEGO
Aged 6-12, 1 course/week, free chance to take international competetion
4. Abacus
5. Vocal Music
Aged 4-12, 1 course/week
6. Creative Picture Book
Aged 4-12, 1 course/week
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